Angela Martin | Rett Syndrome

Been reading a little bit more about Angela Martin online. Found a newspaper article which talks about her audition from the last time she was on American Idol. So again, Angela's a single mom. Learned though that her kid has something called Rett Syndrome. That means that her kid can't walk or talk. Angela herself explained it to the judges. She said that when her daughter was born, there weren't any complications. But then, when her daughter was two years old, she started to suffer from seizures. She goes on to explain what the American Idol competition is about to her. She says that winning American Idol isn't about her becoming famous. Instead, it's about allowing her to have the income to get her daughter the kind of medical care that Angela wishes to make available to her. Pretty heavy stuff.

So it's pretty clear that, to Angela Martin, American Idol means quite a lot. She maybe isn't like a lot of the other much younger hopefuls who just somehow managed to get in, and who don't really quite appreciate what they've gotten themselves into, so they go ahead and blow it in the Hollywood rounds. I'm pretty sure that Angela won't be holding back, or slacking off, especially since she appears to have managed to get herself a second chance on Idol, and really how many chances does a person get before American pretty much decides that a person's an American Idol goner? I don't quite have high hopes that even if she manages to get into American Idol for a third season, then somehow she'll find a way to win it, so really, this second time is probably her best shot.

And clearly time is important to her, because as the months pass, her child continues to grow, and continues to have to make do with what it seems isn't exactly the best medical care available. So really there's no doubt that Angela will be giving it her all. But the question is, how will she deal with the pressure? American Idol is hard enough as it is, just on your own. But to have to perform at your best, knowing that someone's hopes are riding on the outcome of your performances and auditions, well, that can just be emotionally gut wrenching, I'm sure.

I don't know if Angela Martin will be the next American Idol. I do know, however, that no matter how this season turns out, there will be many people, including me, who will be rooting for her and her daughter.